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Commercial Complete 2021
Current Version - 23.01.78
Release Date - June 28, 2021

Update Now: Commercial Complete

To check the Version and Release Date of Commercial Complete that is installed on your computer, click on the About tab at the top of your Commercial Complete screen.

Build Release Procedure and Notification
Commercial Complete is always a work in progress and builds are often released on a weekly basis (or more frequently) during certain periods of the year. Although Commercial Complete checks for available updates each time that the software is started on your computer, you are not notified each time that a new build is posted. When a build contains only minor changes, supplements to the Help system or changes that affect only certain users, you are not automatically notified even though we consider the changes to be significant enough to make them available for download.

Only after several builds that contain minor changes are released will you be notified that a new version is available. However, you can always download the latest build by clicking on the Update Now link above.

Version 23.01.78 - Release Date 6-28-2021

  • Geocoding not working - corrected

Version 23.01.77 - Release Date 4-30-2021

  • Added per acre calculation fields for Market Value, Comparison Value and Income Value

Version 23.01.76 - Release Date 10-28-2020

  • Added Median Value option to grids
  • Search/find did not work when selected from Edit menu in Narrative Builder - corrected
  • Positive adjustment on grids not showing green color - corrected

Version 23.01.75 - Release Date 8-26-2020

  • Improved the Group Subject (complex appraisal) narrative functions: faster updates, less memory

Version 23.01.73 to 23.01.074 - Release Date 4-20-2020

  • Improved the Group Subject (complex appraisal) narrative functions: faster updates, less memory

Version 23.01.64 to 23.01.072 - Release Date 4-01-2020

  • Release of Color Theme Wizard

Version 23.01.61 to 23.01.063 - Release Date 1-22-2020

  • Internal improvements and modifications

Version 23.01.53 to 23.01.060 - Release Date 1-05-2020

  • 2020-2021 USPAP Edition - references to latest edition will be updated in CC narratives

Version 23.01.47 to 23.01.052 - Release Date 9-19-2019

  • Commercial Complete 2020 Released
  • Improved deletion of field function
  • In certain instances the Property Description field was overflowing the Property Datasheet margins-corrected
  • Improved formatting of Unit Sales Reports

Version 23.01.46 - Release Date 7-11-2019

  • Internal improvements and modifications

Version 23.01.45 - Release Date 7-5-2019

  • Reports now use narrative doc heading font and body font by default
  • Internal improvements and modifications

Version 23.01.43-44 - Release Date 6-18-2019

  • Improved typing speed in narratives
  • Improved centering of property datasheets
  • Better fit of multiyear spreadsheets with holding period > 8 years
  • Improved sizing of images when dragged into Photo picture tables
  • Captions of Image Strip pictures can now be dragged also with image

Version 23.01.41-42 - Release Date 5-28-2019

  • Introduced new Signature method that simplifies inserting appraiser signatures in narrative
  • Improved handling and manipulation of images in narrative
  • Print button above editor did not hide doc notes when printing - corrected
  • Data fields in a narrative can now be changed to a different field by right-clicking on the field
  • When dragging an image into the narrative from the Image Strip, caption is also pasted in narrative, depending upon caption settings for that image.
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.38-40 - Release Date 4-21-2019

  • Improved display of Land Use Summary report, Aerial Map and Soil Map
  • Automatically resize Aerial Map and Soil Map to always stay on one page
  • Improved spacing of grid reports and multi-column income reports
  • Group Subject narratives - significant improvements in assembly and update speed
  • If Commercial Complete settings are inadvertently lost, the last saved settings can be reloaded

Version 23.01.34-37 - Release Date 1-2-2019

  • pdf docs created by Commercial Complete now have hyperlinked Table of Contents
  • Improved Search Radius function
  • Added new Property Class field to accommodate Appraisal Institute classification system
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.33 - Release Date 10-12-2018

  • Commercial Complete 2019 Released
  • Newest Appraisal Institute property classifications implemented
  • New field Property Classed added
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.31 - Release Date 2-28-2018

  • Parking Type field could be blanked out under certain conditions - corrected
  • "Long" date fields and value fields that spell out the dates and values were not updating correctly under certain conditions - corrected
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.30 - Release Date 1-19-2018

  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.29 - Release Date 1-3-2018

  • Commercial Complete 2018 is released
  • 2018-2019 USPAP Ready
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.27 & 28- Release Date 12-25-2017

  • Enabled an optional "per unit" adjustment basis (instead of s.f. or acres) in the Land Only comparison grid.
  • When field names were changed in the Wizard, changes were not reflected in all areas; e.g. Insert/Fields and list of fields in Filter Conditions. This has been corrected.
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.26 - Release Date 7-24-2017

  • Only. Changes were made to the Manage Images function to automatically rename images with the same original file name, allowing the storage of these image files the Default Photos Folder.
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.25 - Release Date 6-16-2017

  • Land grid comparables sometimes were not displayed on the Land Grid - corrected
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.24 - Release Date 5-24-2017

  • An error was introduced in the 5-4-17 release that caused incorrect Sales grid calculations under certain conditions. This error has been corrected.
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.23 - Release Date 5-4-2017

  • Some users were not able to add words to the dictionary - corrected
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.22 - Release Date 4-19-2017

  • Modifications to ensure that proper adjustment basis is displayed on the Comp Grid window

Version 23.01.21 - Release Date 4-6-2017

  • Added option to comp grid window to select either s.f. or acres as the basis for land adjustments
  • Cost Summary window on the Property Data screen was not displaying correctly - additional modifications made

Version 23.01.20 - Release Date 2-14-2017

  • Internal modifications to improve screen transitions

Version 23.01.19 - Release Date 1-5-2017

  • Cost Calculation window on Property Data screen was not displaying correct information - corrected

Version 23.01.18 - Release Date 10-17-2016

  • Modification to show building unit name on comp grids and datasheet when adjusting by building units

Version 23.01.16 23.01.17 - Release Date 9-27-2016

  • The latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update caused a problem on the Advanced Expense screen which shut down Commercial Complete - this problem has been addressed and corrected.

Version 23.01.15 - Release Date 9-7-2016

  • Land Use - Allocate land type values by weight. This functionality, sometimes referred to as land mix analysis, has been added to the Land Use tab. Land type values can now optionally be calculated automatically, based upon the weights assigned to each land type.
  • Other Costs section at the lower right of the Improvements tab has been enhanced. Check boxes have been added to each line item to optionally apply depreciation to the line item. When checked, the cost is added to Cost New and then depreciated.
  • While in the narrative, the cursor sometimes jumped to the top of the document - corrected
  • The formatting of the Cost section on Improvements Detail report has been improved
  • The speed of the Verify Comparables function has been improved
  • The copy database function for Cloud users has been improved
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 23.01.13 - Release Date 6-12-2016

  • Modifications to Commercial Complete Cloud server functions. Cloud users must install this update.
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 23.01.12 - Release Date 5-11-2016

  • Expenses that are designated as CAM expenses in a Stable Income Analysis are now included in Total Income if the building includes a common area (gross units > net units). Previously, CAM designated expenses were only recognised in a Lease Income Analysis.
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 23.01.10 & 11 - Release Date 4-13-2016

  • Additional Grid Adjustment Label options. Users can now save unlimited custom Grid Labels and Settings for later use
  • Improved alignment and formatting of Cost Calculation report
  • Cost Calculation report now shows a breakdown of individual land values
  • When the short Property Datasheet (small picture) with Improvements detail was printed, Improvement pictures did not display - corrected
  • Changes in TAMU geocoding server sometimes caused CC to not geocode an address - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 23.01.09 - Release Date 3-3-2016

  • Improved layout of new Land Use Summary Report
  • Corrected rounding calculation of Unallocated acres on Land Use tab
  • Added link to FEMA web site that passes property address or latitude/longitude coordinates to locate flood map
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 23.01.08 - Release Date 2-15-2016

  • Document size now displayed for each editor
  • Document Auto-save funtion improved
  • EGI line was not displaying on some reports-corrected
  • Additional Land fields displayed on Property Datasheet
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 23.01.07 - Release Date 2-10-2016

  • Commercial Complete Plus 5 released
  • Land Use Analysis functionality introduced
  • Improvements in custom datasheet functionality
  • Field added for an Aerial View image
  • Field added for a Soil Map image
  • Modifications made to accommodate USPAP 2016-17. CC Plus 5 required
  • Minor internal modifications

Version 22.01.27-29 - Release Date 7-23-2015

  • Minor internal modifications
  • Income Statement was not printing per unit column if Unit Type was blank - corrected
  • Some items in upper right of Sales Grid window not displayed properly - corrected
  • Adjusted Price settings could not be changed on Field Wizard tab - corrected
  • Improved handling of international symbols
  • A4 page size added to Format Section options

Version 22.01.26 - Release Date 4-22-2015

  • Transaction Adjustments functionality has been enhanced with the addition of a Transaction Adjustments window. Entries made in this window will automatically change the Adjusted Price.
  • The Default Settings window has been enhanced. All Special Folder locations can now be set in this window.
  • Minor Internal enhancements

Version 22.01.25 - Release Date 4-2-2015

  • A Weighted Value calculation option has been added to the comparison grids. The Weighted Value is determined by using the Gross Adjustments made to the sale price for each comparable as a measure of the relative quality of the comparable.  Comparables with the fewest gross adjustments are given the most weight.  Comparables with the highest gross adjustments are given the least weight.
  • A Standard Deviation calculation option has been added to the comparison grids.

Version 22.01.24 - Release Date 3-6-2015

  • Commercial Complete has partnered with TAMU GeoServices to provide geocoding functionality to Commercial Complete
  • Added additional field options in Filter Conditions function.

Version 22.01.22 & 23 - Release Date 2-2-2015

  • Useability Improvements

Version 22.01.22 - Release Date 1-20-2015

  • Internal Improvements

Version 22.01.21 - Release Date 1-7-2015

  • Changed the name of the Records Management button to Add/Delete and added an Assignment button to more easilty display the Clients/Assignments window.
  • Internal Improvements

Version 22.01.20 - Release Date 12-22-2014

  • Added a Record Bank function. Record banks can be used in various ways. Six independent record banks are available. Click the Bank icon at the bottom right of the Property Data screen to open a Record Bank.
  • Internal Improvements

Version 22.01.18,19 - Release Date 12-15-2014

  • Minor modifications and improvements to Commercial Complete

Version 22.01.17 - Release Date 11-18-2014

Version 22.01.06 - Release Date 7-26-2014

  • Four new calculated fields have been added. These fields will be appear on the Available Fields List (green Insert button, then select Fields) and can be inserted in your narrative documents
    • Price Per Useable SF
    • Price Per Useable Acre
    • Land Area-Useable SF
    • Land Area-Useable Acred

Version 22.01.05 - Release Date 7-25-2014

  • Implemented an enhanced and simplified Filter Conditions function on the List View tab.

Version 22.01.03 - Release Date 7-12-2014 - CRITICAL UPDATE

  • On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Microsoft released security updates for most versions of Windows. One of these security updates may prevent Commercial Complete from starting due to a change in one of Internet Exporer's DLL's that CC relies on.

Version 22.01.01 - Release Date 7-09-2014

  • On some computers, Property Data screen did not display Data Entry fields until Data Entry tab was clicked - corrected
  • Internal improvements in preparation for CC Plus 4

Version 21.01.58 to 61 - Release Date 6-26-2014

  • Added a button on the List View tab to Update Key Indicator columns
  • Added a button on the Wizard tab to optionally display the field abbreviation name on the Property Datasheet
  • Latitude and Longitude fields were not displayed under available fields in the Fields window - corrected
  • When Notes field is displayed on the Property Datasheet, misalignment of the field could occur - corrected
  • Optional printing of Improvements detail on the short Property Datasheet has been enabled
  • Minor internal improvements made in anticipation of Commercial Complete Plus 4

Version 21.01.57 - Release Date 6-6-2014

  • Implemented the optional display of Transaction Adjustments under the Sale Data heading on the Property Datasheet
  • Internal Improvements

Version 21.01.55 to 56 - Release Date 5-26-2014

  • BOI Message was displayed on Projected Cash Flow Report, even when not a BOI calculation - corrected
  • Internal Improvements

Version 21.01.54 - Release Date 5-20-2014

  • Internal Improvements

Version 21.01.52 to 53 - Release Date 5-15-2014

  • Improved image compression
  • Generally smaller narrative document file sizes
  • Generally smaller pdf file sizes
  • Message to advise user of the size of a newly created PDF file
  • Message to advise of estimated file size after image compression
  • Additional messages for cloud users as data is being retrieved from the cloud
  • Internal improvements

Version 21.01.48 to 51 - Release Date 5-06-2014

  • Improved delete function for Dropdown fields
  • Significant speed improvement when Improvements tab is displayed
  • Significant performance improvement for cloud users when entering data and displaying Building Improvements

Version 21.01.47 - Release Date 4-21-2014

  • Dropdown fields were not displaying data as a result of changes in last build - corrected

Version 21.01.45 to 46 - Release Date 4-17-2014

  • Rounding of expenses on the various reports has been made consistent
  • The Rent Roll report always reported stable income, even when performing a lease analysis - corrected
  • Enhanced the Statistics report to conform with the comparables being reported
  • The picture in the rightmost column on the second page of a Comp Grid was sometimes smaller - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.41 to 44 - Release Date 4-3-2014

  • Lease analysis modifications
    • Changed method of reporting Imputed Vacancy. It is now calculated, based upon the number of months that tenant spaces are vacant during an analysis year and the building area that the tenant occupies.
    • Added Absorption/Turnover Vacancy line to the Total Income report and Multiyear Income Statement
    • Added a new Absorption/Turnover report
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.43 - Release Date 3-29-2014

  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.41 to 42 - Release Date 3-20-2014

  • Added an optional Band of Investment calculation and report.
    Note: Despite advanced calculation tools like Commercial Complete, it is still common practice today to develop a capitalization rate using the Band of Investment. While we do not advocate the use of this method, it has been added as an option for those who prefer to use it. For a discussion of the Band of Investment, click here.
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.40 - Release Date 3-5-2014

  • CC now updates references to Standard 2-2 (a or b) throughout the document to fit the appropriate report type.
  • When an existing document was saved, a backup copy was not always saved - corrected
  • The word "Overall", when used in a comparison line item label, prevented comments for the line item to be displayed - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.39 - Release Date 2-18-2014

  • Two new fields added - Expenditures After Sale and Market Conditions. These fields are located on the right side of the Sale Data tab and can be displayed under Transaction Adjustments on the comparison grids. The fields can also be optionally displayed on the Property Datasheet in the Sale Data section, the Property Identification section, or the Property Summary section.
  • A Copy field option has been added to the list of options when right-clicking on a field
  • The list of styles was not displaying when first entering a Narrative Builder editor until a document was opened - corrected
  • When a single field was changed in the Field Editing window at the bottom of the Narrative Builder editor, the Update Field button updated the database record, but not the narrative - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.38 - Release Date 2-11-2014

  • Introduced new MS Word functionality. Preview, open, and save Word documents from within Commercial Complete. In BETA.
  • Added a third Narrative Buiilder Editor.
  • Improved the insertion of Landscape pages
  • Minor internal improvements
  • New Mapping Site design

Version 21.01.35-37 - Release Date 1-08-2014

  • Added Appraisal and Restricted Appraisal to the Appraisal Format dropdown list.
  • Corrected spelling error on USPAP Options page
  • Improved initial connection attempt for Cloud users. Depending upon the local connection speed, connection to Cloud was sometimes not successful on the first attempt.

Version 21.01.34 - Release Date 12-30-2013

  • 2014-15 USPAP. Narratives built from a Commercial Complete template or an old CC report will be automatically updated with the latest USPAP references when the new narrative is builtt, without intervention from the user.
  • Eleven new fields have been added under a new "Custom" tab.
  • Land records are automatically recognized when the word "Land" is part of the Property Type, Property Sub-type, or contained in the title of a Comparables Group. Property Datasheets are modified accordingly.
  • Improved data entry speed.

Version 21.01.33 - Release Date 12-17-2013

  • Enabled "textbox" functionality, which permits text to be overlaid on a page.

Version 21.01.30 to 32 - Release Date 12-15-2013

  • Finalized changes in Expense Report
  • Modified Expense Summary reports to conform with changes made to Expense Report
  • Re-ordering of buildings on the Improvements tab was not functioning properly - corrected
  • Improved data entry speed for cloud users
  • Table of Contents was incorrectly formatted when a Heading was added within a table - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.29 - Release Date 12-5-2013

  • Expense Summary Tab
    • General Comments Heading and Expense History Heading can be changed
    • Expense Summary Description (Totals tab on Expense Summary), General Comments, and Expense History comments can optionally be displayed on the Expense Report.
  • Improved functionality - Appraisal Format dropdown and Rights Appraised dropdown on Client/Assignments window
  • Improved functionality - Style, Font, and Font Size dropdowns above Narrative Builder editors.

Version 21.01.28 - Release Date 12-3-2013

  • Totals on the Rent Roll report can be optionally shown or hidden. Check or uncheck the Include Totals checkbox on the Income Summaries tab.
  • Additional options were added to the Expense Report. All columns can be toggled on or off. History columns can be shown without showing the Projected Expenses column., % of Groos column, or Per Unit column. View Samples
    To change these options, proceed to the Narrative Builder window, click the green Format button and select Reports. Scroll to the top of the list and select Expense Report.
  • On some computers with Windows 7 or 8 installed, the operating system was preventing certain files from being saved properly. The installation program has been revised to avoid this situation.

Version 21.01.27 - Release Date 11-25-2013

  • Additional options were added to the Expense Report. All columns can be toggled on or off. History columns can be shown without showing the Projected Expenses column, % of Gross column, or Per Unit column.
    To change these options, proceed to the Income tab, then the Expense Summary tab. Click the Expense Report Settings tab on the right side of the screen.
  • Totals on the Rent Roll report can be optionally shown or hidden. Check or uncheck the Include Totals checkbox on the Income Summaries tab.
  • Internal improvements

Version 21.01.26 - Release Date 11-17-2013

  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.23 to 25 - Release Date 11-09-2013

  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.20-22 - Release Date 10-30-2013

  • Added option to keep Cloud connection alive and to reconnect to the Cloud database if the connection is lost.
  • Sale Prices > than $10,000,000 were not displaying as a result of a change made on 10-21-2013 - corrected
  • Modifications to permit proper shutdown of CC on some Win7 computers
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.18-19 - Release Date 10-22-2013

  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.17 - Release Date 10-21-2013

  • Two Key Indicators field columns on the List View tab were mis-labeled - corrected
  • Added an Expense Ratio line to the Expense Comparison Grid
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.13 to 16 - Release Date 10-16-2013

  • Historical expenses can now be added to the Expense Report. When the historical expenses are filled in on the Expense Summary Tab (Income -> Expense Summary) and the History Box is checked under the "Short" column on the right side of the Expense Summary window, up to 3 additional columns will be displayed on the Expense Report for Current Expenses, Prior Year Expenses, and 2 yrs. Prior Expenses. If no expenses for a given period are filled in, that column will not be displayed on the Expense Report. View Sample

  • Enterprise Users can now back up their Cloud database to their local computer at any time. If necessary, they can connect to this local database directly in Commercial Complete without connecting to the Cloud. Local database backups can also be used to restore the Cloud database, if necessary.
  • Minor internal improvements.

Version 21.01.12 - Release Date 10-03-2013

  • An Expenses grid type option has been added. This option can be used in conjunction with the Expense Comparables group to grid the expenses of the comparables. The functionality is similar to the other grid types. Adjustments can be made on the grid for any of 12 line items. Comments can be made on the grid, just as they can for the other grid types. View Sample

    An Expenses grid type radio button is displayed at the lower left of the Grid window in the Grid Panel.
  • A Single Unit option has been added to the Grid window. This is a good choice for single family properties. All adjustments are based upon the sale price of the comparable rather than building area.
  • An additional dropdown choice has been added to the PDF button in Narrative Builder. You can now optionally display the red field marker brackets in a pdf. When you are creating a new document template, this option is handy for proofing the template.
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 21.01.11 - Release Date 9-24-2013

  • Optional Subject column can now be displayed on the comparison grids. A check box "Display Subject Column on Grid" is located at the bottom right of the Grid window under the Grid Date and Time Adjustment percentage. View Sample
  • Improved comparison grid layouts provide additional spacing between columns to make the comments above each comparable easier to read.
  • Subject Comments can be displayed on grids
  • Grid lines can be displayed on grids to highlight and emphasize line adjustments

Version 21.01.09 - Release Date 9-09-2013

  • New installation program that permits CC data to be installed for All Users or just the Current User
  • Minor internal improvements.

Version 21.01.05 to .08 - Release Date 8-29-2013

  • Commercial Complete Plus 3 Released - View enhancements
  • History of Subjects dropdown added to the Recall Last button on the lower left side of the Property Data screen. Click this dropdown to view a history of a Subject analyses that have been performed and optionally bring a Subject into current view.
  • Introduced three Restricted Use report templates. Plus 3 is required. See sample.
  • Added Browse buttons on the upper left of the Property Data screen. Property records that have been viewed can be easily located.
  • Added a dropdown to the Manage Images button so that any image that is on the Image Strip can be viewed.
  • Changed the location of the default Commercial Complete data folder when new versions are installed to better accommodate Window 8 installations. See the What's Different topic in the Help file for more information.
  • Slow typing sometimes occurred, especially on a laptop, due to mouse sensitivity on some computers. This has been corrected and no typing delays should be experienced by users.
  • Terminal Cap Rate report was displayed incorrectly when analysis type was set to Stable - corrected
  • Removed the yellow pop-up that appeared when mouse moved over a field.
  • Internal Improvements to accommodate future changes in Plus 3.

Version 21.01.03 & .04 - Release Date 7-23-2013

  • Right-clicking on a field to delete it sometimes did not work as expected - corrected
  • Some headings on the Property Datasheet were not displaying - corrected
  • Notes fields were not displaying on the Property Datasheet when the Extended Notes option was checked - corrected

Version 21.01.02 - Release Date 7-22-2013

  • Internal Improvements made in anticipation of the release of Commercial Complete +3
  • Under certain conditions, a change made on the Advanced Income Screen would not be updated in the database unless the enter key was pressed. Additional precautions have been taken to make sure that data changes are made in the database.

Version 21.01.01 - Release Date 7-18-2013

  • Internal Improvements made in anticipation of the release of Commercial Complete +3
  • Removed Selected Box from the top right of the Data Entry view. Redundant.
  • Comparison Grid line item comments greater than 200 characters could distorted the grid display - corrected
  • Minor enhancements to the Land Only Comparison Grid

Version 20.01.94 - Release Date 7-11-2013

  • Internal Improvements made in anticipation of the release of Commercial Complete +3
  • Minor change in Expense Summary report to handle the Cost of Goods Sold expense type.
  • Removed the % of Total Expenses line from the Expense Summary report because it was sometimes mis-interpreted by readers of this report.

Version 20.01.93 - Release Date 7-5-2013

  • Internal Improvements made in anticipation of the release of Commercial Complete +3
  • AMET Terminal Cap Rate report - minor adjustment to better display information when user selected the Terminal Cap Rate

Version 20.01.91 to 92 - Release Date 7-1-2013

  • Added fields for both acres and square feet that will display the number without the label following
  • Added two Executive Summary pages and a Summary of Conclusions-Apartments page to the Boilerplate folder. Click here to view samples of the Executive Summary Pages.
  • Internal improvements

Version 20.01.89 to 90 - Release Date 6-18-2013

  • Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.85 to 88 - Release Date 6-9-2013

  • Enhancements to Cloud functionality
  • Added Price Change fields to list of available fields
    • Field for number of months between sales
    • Field for Annual Price Change
    • Field for Total Price Change
  • Added a Statistics report for each Comparables Group to the list of reports available for insertion in a narrative.
  • Changed the Thumbnail View to Split Screen View in editors
  • Internal improvements

Version 20.01.83 to 84 - Release Date 5-14-2013

  • A Land Use tab has been added on the Data Entry view. This tab will enable the entry of various land uses for a property; e.g. Crop, Pasture, Forest, etc. The Land Use tab is in early Beta and has only partial functionality. We welcome your comments and suggestions and we progress towards final implementation.
  • An Appraiser Dropdown List has been added to the Clients/Assignments window to enable the selection of available appraisers for each assignment. The information for the appraiser selected is automatically populated, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
  • A Borrower field has been added to the Clients/Assignments window. Bank appraisers and reviewers will find this additional field useful.
  • An Assignment Type option has been added to Clients/Assignments window - options are Appraisal, Review, Other
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.82 - Release Date 5-10-2013

Version 20.01.80 - 20.01.81 - Release Date 5-06-2013

  • New "hot" checkbox fields have been added. Perfect for creating form type reports like appraisal reviews.

Version 20.01.79 - Release Date 5-01-2013

  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.78 - Release Date 4-29-2013

  • Improved re-sizing of Basic Income/Expense windows.
  • Short Lease Summary Detail template added to Summary Detail options
  • Sample Invoice template added to the Boilerplate folder
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.77 - Release Date 4-22-2013

  • Safeguard added to prevent unintentional deletion of a field. To delete a field, right click on the field and select from the dropdown list.
  • More accurate display of field name when mouse hovers over the field
  • When right-clicking on a report in the narrative, the Report scale is now reported
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.74 to 76 - Release Date 4-19-2013

  • New Delete Field option. Right-click on a report field and select Delete Field to remove both the field and its contents from the narrative.
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.67 to 73 - Release Date 4-08-2013

  • A new Basic Income/Expense is introduced that will enable users to perform an income analysis from a single screen and enter a Direct Cap Rate when appropriate.
  • New datasheet capabilities are introduced that permit Summary Detail Comparable reports to be customized, showing only a photo and limited data. Summary Detail Sample PDF.

Version 20.01.61 to 66 - Release Date 3-20-2013

  • Enabled the change of image captions directly in the Image Strip on the Right Side Panel
  • Added the option to globally change the margins in all document sections
  • Added optional color accent appraisal templates and stylesheets
  • Redesign of Income Summary tab
  • Slow typing was reported by some users in justified paragraphs. This problem arose from changes that were made in late December. It has been addressed and corrected.
  • Added a new appraisal template - Summary Appraisal Fee Simple - Short Income

Version 20.01.58 to 60 - Release Date 3-5-2013

  • Images can now be dragged from the picture window on the Property Data screen and dropped directly into a Narrative Builder editor.
  • PDF and Tiff files can now be dragged from the CC File Explorer or Image Strip and dropped into a Narrative Builder Editor.
  • The Image Strip button (camera button) in the Narrative Builder editors has been moved to the lower right side of the Property Data screen so that the Image Strip can now be viewed while in Data Entry View.
  • A File Explorer button has been added to the lower right of the Property Data screen so that the CC File Explorer can be viewed while in the Data Entry View.
  • An Activate Capture Wizard button has been added to the bottom right side of the Property Data screen.
  • Stylesheets could become corrupted when pasting text that was acquired from an Internet web page. This could cause a significant delay in the loading of the document. This problem has been addressed and potential delays have been eliminated.

Version 20.01.57 - Release Date 2-25-2013

  • Modifications were made to the Custom Datasheet functionality that permits the inclusion more reports within the Custom Datasheet. The additional reports are Improvements Detail, Cost Calculations, Income Summaries, Expense Summaries, and Rent Survey.

Version 20.01.55 to 56 - Release Date 2-23-2013

  • If using a Load Factor, the Load Factor expense now is displayed on the Expense Summary report
  • Custom datasheets have been enhanced to cover both subject and comps as well as a set of selected records
  • Three custom datasheet examples have been added
  • A Datasheet Templates dropdown was added to the File menu for easy editing of a Datasheet template
  • Minor internal changes that result in modest speed improvements when displaying comps associated with a subject
  • When using the CC Cloud database, images will be downloaded automatically when a datasheet for the property is assembled in the Narrative Builder editor.
  • Other minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.51 to 54 - Release Date 2-13-2013

  • Subject and/or comps are now included in any Filter Conditions that are applied
  • Short Lease Summary report was not printing properly - corrected
  • Short Expense Summary report was not printing - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.50 - Release Date 2-4-2013

  • Property photos can now be assigned captions and then inserted as fields in a document template. The photos can be inserted with the caption above or below the photo, or with no caption.

    This capability can be used to further automate the creation of your report. It also enables the customization of Property Datasheets that can contain more than one photo when used in conjunction with the next described enhancement.

  • Just the body of the property datasheet (property data fields such as sale price and sale date, building size, etc.) can now be inserted as a field in a document. This will enable users to customize their datasheets, including additional photo pages, income summary reports, etc. The result will be a multi-page Property Datasheet that presents the data the way the user prefers.
  • A Copyright Date field has been added which will automatically use the Report Date year or the current year. New report templates will be installed with the newest version that utilizes this Copyright Date field. Note that your customized templates will not automatically include this field. This field must be inserted manually in all of your customized templates.
  • Improved resizing of images to reduce the size of documents and pdf files with no loss in image quality. The image size also is retained if the image is copied from Commercial Complete to MS Word.
  • Continued work on compression of images. Intelligence has been built in to avoid the compression of certain images that could be distorted when compression is applied. Smaller files that retain excellent image quality are the result.
  • On a Property Datasheet with a small photo, not enough space appeared above the photo if the image was very wide in relation to its height - spacing has been improved
  • Separate print boxes were added for the Short Income Summary report and the Rent Survey report to enable one or both to be printed easily for any single record or group of records.
  • Captions were not reliably attached to photos in the image strip - improved
  • Restore button on the left side of the Edit Image window was not working - corrected
  • Additional income reports (rent survey, income summary, etc.) can now be added as fields for both subject and comps
  • The Rent Roll Summary report has been re-worked to handle non-residential properties with more clarity

Version 20.01.47-49 - Release Date 1-10-2013

  • Adding comparables to a subject sometimes did not hold - corrected
  • Clicking on an image in the Manage Images window did not always display the image in the Preview window - corrected
  • When closing CC, a "program stopped working" message was sometimes displayed - corrected
  • A selection change in the General Location field did not always hold - corrected

Version 20.01.45-46 - Release Date 1-1-2013

  • Modifications to Import Records function to handle more match options when transferring between CC databases
  • Rent Roll Summary report modification to better handle residential properties
  • Added Refresh Dataset button to lower right of Property Data screen
  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.41-44 - Release Date 12-10-2012

  • New Expense history fields - Current, Previous Year, 2 Years Ago
  • Number of images in Image Strip now displayed on Data Entry screen
  • New Search/Filter options - GIM, EGIM, Expense Ratio, and Direct Cap Rate
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.41-43 - Release Date 12-02-2012

  • The Record List on the lower right side of the Property Data window is now included as a tab, making it is easier to switch bewteen the Record List and Key Indicators.
  • Photos sometimes did not automatically upload to the Cloud database - corrected
  • Modifications were made to the "Smart Backup" utility (still in Beta)
  • A new Rent Roll Summary report has been added
  • Borders can now be optionally added around the charts that are displayed in the Income and Expense Summary reports
  • Multiplier grids can now be inserted automatically for any of the 6 Comparables groups
  • Text copied from Word and pasted into Commercial Complete that had heading styles associated with the text could cause the Table of Contents to display incorrectly. Modifications have been made to alleviate this potential problem.
  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.40 - Release Date 11-22-2012

  • Program was not always closing properly due to a change introduced in a recent build - corrected
  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.39 - Release Date 11-20-2012

  • Expense Summaries may not print do to a change made in Version 20.01.38 - corrected
  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.38 - Release Date 11-12-2012

  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.37 - Release Date 11-08-2012

  • Added an option to print Total Income Recap at the top or bottom of an Income Summary Report
  • Added an option to print Total Expense Recap at the top or bottom of an Income Summary Report
  • Added a Reimbursements Summary table to the Income Summary Report when reimbursements are included in income
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.35 & 36 - Release Date 11-01-2012

  • Added a Lock option to the database dropdowns. Individual dropdown lists can locked so that only an item that is in the list can be selected. Alternatively, a dropdown can be set so that any entry can be made in a field, but that entry will not be added to the dropdown list. Select the Field Wizard to lock a dropdown list.
  • Modified the routine that checks for matching records when data is imported from another CC database or other data source. Options have been enhanced and the routine can be set so that only records that are more recent will be imported.
  • Added a "Do Not Optimize Images" checkbox to the Defaults Menu. Selecting this option will result in better image quality for certain images. However, when images are not automatically optimized by CC, document file sizes and PDF file sizes will be larger unless the user manually compresses the images in the document.
  • Added an option to prevent the compression of selected images. When set for an image, this image will not be compressed when the Image Compression utility is selected. To prevent the compression of an image, right-click on the image and select "Do Not Compress This Image". Certain images, especially those with a lot of text, can become distorted when compressed. Use this option to avoid the distortion.
  • Added a "Create PDF-Maximum Quality" option to the Create PDF button. When this option is selected, no image compression is performed when creating the PDF, resulting in better quality images in certain cases. It also will result in a larger PDF file size, so this option should only be used if needed.
  • Docnotes were not removed when a document was printed to the printer - corrected
  • Setting a Favorites Folder did not always hold - corrected
  • Footnotes were not always renumbered in the text when a new footnote was inserted - corrected
  • Updated the Commercial Complete installation program to accomodate Windows 8

Version 20.01.34 - Release Date 10-01-2012

  • Added a "Low Cost" Construction Type option to the dropdown menu on the Improvements tab
  • Inserting multiple reports into a narrative sometimes caused field markers to be mis-aligned - corrected
  • Re-organized the Manage Data tab in anticipation of adding backup functionality for both local and cloud databases
  • After updating a document, the page displayed was the cover page. This has been changed so that the Table of Contents page is displayed after assembling or updating a document.
  • The Delete Selected Records button on the List View tab was not functioning properly - corrected

Version 20.01.33 - Release Date 09-19-2012

  • Internal Improvements and minor housekeeping items
  • Image on Property Data screen could not be zoomed - corrected
  • Improved typing speed in very long documents
  • When an automatic program update was performed, an error sometimes occurred. This has been corrected. After the current program update is applied, the error should not occur in future automatic program updates.

Version 20.01.32 - Release Date 09-10-2012

  • Enterprise Control Enhancements
  • Improvements to the List View tab, including faster List View display and additional record change columns on grid
  • Minor Internal improvements

Version 20.01.31 - Release Date 09-07-2012

  • Enterprise Control Enhancements
  • Certain buttons in the word processing editors could become disabled unintentionally - corrected
  • Minor Internal improvements

Version 20.01.29 - Release Date 09-04-2012

  • Additional options for Utilities, Unit Amenties, and Project Amenities in Rent Surveys
  • Minor Internal improvements

Version 20.01.28 - Release Date 08-27-2012

  • Selecting the Update Fields and Reports option from the Update button dropdown did not update fields - corrected
  • Select All option on the Edit button dropdown was not working - corrected
  • Improved memory handling and speed improvements when a document is assembled

Version 20.01.27 - Release Date 08-22-2012

  • Minor Internal improvements

Version 20.01.26 - Release Date 08-16-2012

  • Unlocked an additional Commercial Complete feature - Any building improvement can be used as the basis for comparison grid adjustments.

Version 20.01.25 - Release Date 08-15-2012

Plus 1 version Items added in July of 2012, but just released
  • Improved Import Records Interface
  • Save Spell Check setting when toggled from Data Entry
  • Toggling image borders did not always function - corrected
  • Updating the Square Feet Auto field in document did not function - corrected
  • Additional improvements for compressing images
  • Ensured that DocNotes were removed before printing document to a printer

Version 20.01.11 & 20.01.12 - Release Date 06-12-2012

  • The Improvements tab on the Property Data screen has been re-organized.
  • Total Room count can now always be entered in a property record, even when not a residential property
  • Due to an error in an MS dll, dates entered beyond the year 2030 were not recognized - corrected
  • The Lease Cashflow tab on the Worksheet sometimes required manual updating to display current cashflows - corrected
Beta Items - Scheduled for production release in the Fall of 2012
  • A custom Property Datasheet can be optionally used in place of the standard Property Datasheet. This datasheet can be completely customized within a Narrative Builder editor and it may contain text, fields, and selected reports - additional modifications have been made
  • Individual Improvements on the Improvements tab can be re-ordered

Version 20.01.09 & 20.01.10 - Release Date 06-06-2012

  • Minor Internal Improvements

Version 20.01.08 - Release Date 05-29-2012

  • Minor Internal Improvements
Beta Items - Scheduled for production release in the Fall of 2012
  • Images that have been added to the Image Strip of a Property Record can be viewed in Narrative Builder. These images can be dragged and dropped into a Narrative Builder document.
  • A File Explorer window can be displayed in Narrative Builder that has the same functionality as Windows Explorer. A user can browse for image files, Commercial Complete documents and text files that are stored on the computer's file system. An image, document, or text file can be dragged and dropped into a Narrative Builder document. For example, a user can browse to his camera drive and drag an image directly into a document.
  • The user can optionally insert multiple consecutive photo pages into a document.
  • An Insert Landscape Page option is available on the green Insert button dropdown in Narrative Builder.
  • A Delete Current Page option is available on the green Edit button dropdown in Narrative Builder.
  • When a new section is inserted, the Header and Footer are duplicated from the previous section
  • Text that has been added to income analysis line items can optionally be displayed when a report is created
  • Three reports can optionally be displayed when a Property Datasheet is created - Rent Roll, Expense Report, and Income Statement - early stage
  • A custom Property Datasheet can be optionally used in place of the standard Property Datasheet. This datasheet can be completely customized within a Narrative Builder editor and it may contain text, fields, and selected reports - early stage

Version 20.01.05 & 20.01.06 & 20.01.07 - Release Date 05-23-2012

  • Version 20.01.05: Property Data - Additional modification of internal procedures to facilitate more efficient display of photos that are attached to a property record
  • Version 20.01.06: Narrative Builder - Right-clicking on an image and selecting Toggle Border did not always work - improved
  • Version 20.01.06: Image Wizard - Crop Selection button functionality improved. Button now remains lit when a rectangular area is selected on the image.
  • Version 20.01.07: Maximun Compression Option functionality improved to eliminate excessive loss of quality after compression

Version 20.01.04 - Release Date 05-12-2012

  • Added 11 new calculated fields that can be inserted into Commercial Complete documents. These fields include:
    • Land area in acres rounded to 2 decimals (default is 4 decimal places) - 2 fields
    • Fields Per Unit, Per Room, and Per GBA for the Comparision Value, Income Value and Cost Value - 9 fields
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.03 - Release Date 05-07-2012

  • Modified certain internal procedures that locate photos that are attached to a property record. These modifications can speed up the display of a property record photo under certain conditions, particularly when the photo is located on a Network drive that is referenced by a UNC share.
  • Supplemented the Help system to provide more detailed information for new users of Commercial Complete
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 20.01.01 and 20.01.02 - Release Date 05-04-2012

  • Provided dropdown on the Narrative Builder green File Menu to simplify loading and editing of Document Templates
  • Improved funtionality of the Import Records Wizard
  • Minor internal improvements
  • Changed Major Build number from 19 to 20 in preparation for the next major release that is scheduled for release in August of 2012

Version 19.01.41 - Release Date 04-28-2012

  • Document Templates were referred to as Narrative Report Menu items. References have been changed to Document Templates where appropriate for greater clarity and consistency.
  • Spell Check button on the Data Entry window sometimes disappeared - corrected
  • When the Property Data screen was initially displayed, clicking a tab at the top of the screen would sometimes have no effect. This has been corrected.
  • Under certains conditions, the datasheet photo would not be displayed when switching from Narrative Builder to the Data Entry View. This has been corrected.
  • When a document was assembled, the reports were not always centered - corrected
  • A few users noticed a delay when moving from one number field to the next on the Data Entry View. Changes have been made to address this issue and we continue to monitor it.
  • A Report Formatting checkbox option has been added to the Rent Schedule reports to optionally turn off the printing of totals at the bottom of the report.
  • The Imputed Vacancy calculation algorithm that is optionally displayed on the Multiyear Income Statement has been improved.
  • Year Built was displayed on the Property Datasheet without the space on some computers - corrected

Version 19.01.40 - Release Date 04-21-2012

  • Corrected a problem entering spaces in a dropdown field that was introduced by the recent addition of Spell Check capabilities to all text fields in a property record

Version 19.01.38 and 19.01.39 - Release Date 04-16-2012

  • Added Spell Check capabilities to all text fields in a property record
  • Added Deed Type to Search/Filter Conditions options
  • Minor Internal Enhancements

Version 19.01.35 to 19.01.37 - Release Date 04-09-2012

  • Improved image compression algorithms
  • Improved quality of images in pdf's created from Commercial Complete documents
  • Added precautions so that Headers and/or Footers are not inadvertently changed
  • New guides under Getting Started section of the Commercial Complete help file
  • Added option to re-compress images even when they have been compressed once
  • Table of Contents could not be manually deleted under certain conditions - corrected
  • Stylesheet was sometimes corrupted when copying text from MS Word - corrected
  • Minor internal improvements and enhancements

Version 19.01.31 to 19.01.34 - Release Date 03-20-2012

  • Minor internal improvments and enhancements

Version 19.01.30 - Release Date 03-02-2012

  • Added new intelligence in the display of Rental Units on Data Entry screen, Property Datasheet, and Comparison Grids to provide greater flexibility. The word "Units" instead of Rental Units is now displayed and printed by default. If a name is entered in the Unit Type field on the Improvements tab, this Unit Type Name will replace the word "units" when displayed or printed. For example, if the word "Apartment" is entered on the Improvements tab in the Unit Type field, "Number of Apartments" will be displayed on the Data Entry screen and on the Property Datasheet. "Apartment" will also appear as an adjustment option on the Comparison Grid tab.
  • New calculated field - Indicated Subject Cap Rate (Subject Net Income / Income Value)

Version 19.01.29 - Release Date 02-27-2012

  • Beta Enterprise option introduced - see Enterprise option
  • Added the option to print a Rent Schedule and/or Income Statement when a Property Datasheet is assembled. When in Narrative Builder, click the green Format button and select Reports. Select the Comparables Group on the left. Click the Report Formatting tab. Select Rent Schedule, Income Statement, or both.
  • Can now easily switch between two local databases (Local 1 and Local 2). Records can be transferred from one local database to another
  • Updated footnote references in all document templates and references to USPAP 2012-13
  • Updated U.S. Census link and USPAP links
  • Enabled sorting of Per Unit numbers on the List View tab
  • Added new PDF option to automatically save the PDF to the desktop
  • Now can use more that one period in a document file name
  • Added new field - Datasheet Photo
  • Added 6 new calculated fields
    • First Year Gross Income Multiplier (GIM)
    • Stable Gross Income Multiplier (GIM)
    • Listing Price per Rental Unit
    • Listing Price per square foot
    • Listing Price per Acre
    • Listing Price per Land Square Foot
  • An install of Clickforms sometimes required a re-install of Commercial Complete. Added code to avoid this
  • Double-clicking on a Commercial Complete document now loads the document in Narrative Builder on the Property Data screen
  • Added hyperlinks to the Table of Contents. Clicking on a page number now bring that page into view
  • Record List on the right side of the Property Data screen is now displayed by default
  • A silent crash of Commercial Complete could occur when updating a document under certain circumstances - corrected
  • DocNotes could not be removed after images were compressed - corrected
  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.19 - released 10-24-2011

  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.18 - released 10-18-2011

  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.17 - released 10-17-2011

  • MS Excel Functionality added (CC Pro Only) - Named Excel cells and ranges can now be inserted as Updatable Fields in a Commercial Complete Document. Learn More.
  • Green bookmark tags are no longer displayed in a Commercial Complete document when text is copied and pasted from an MS Word document.
  • The Compress Images function has been improved to handle more image types
  • Improved ability to highlight text in a CC document when some of the included text contains a field
  • Reduced the occurence of "Change Current Record" message when a a field in a CC document is clicked and the record needs to be changed to the Subject

Version 19.01.16 - released 10-03-2011

  • Clicking the Date buttons on the Property Data Screen sometimes caused the program to close-corrected
  • Improved field editing in documents - All record fields, including dropdown fields can be edited directly in the document
  • Display of Imputed Vacancy Calculation on Multiyear Income Statement made optional
  • View Imported Records button on Manage Data tab did not display imported records-corrected
  • An entry in the Acres field did not hold if the Land Area-s.f. field was empty-corrected

Version 19.01.15 - released 9-27-2011

  • Improved display quality when small image is inserted in the Property Datasheet
  • Improved alignment of certain income analysis reports
  • All reports are now centered when a Commercial Complete document is updated
  • When a semi-colon is inserted in a text database field, it is now interpreted as a carriage return when the field is diplayed on the Property Datasheet. This adds additional flexibility to display field contents in a list when required.
  • Commencial Complete documents can now contain sections of both letter size (8.5 x 11) and legal size (8.5 x 14)
  • Sometimes a document needed to be updated twice in order to reflect changes in income analysis fields - corrected
  • When entering data in the Land Area-S.F. field, it was sometimes modified do to rounding. For example, entering 11,500 s.f. and then moving to the Land Area-Acres field would change the 11,500 to 10,999. Corrected
  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.12 - released 9-13-2011

  • Added 2 new calculated fields for insertion in documents
    • Expense Ratio based on Gross Income
    • Expense Ratio based on EGI
  • When image was removed from Image Strip, Photo Not Found message remained - corrected
  • Attaching an income analysis to a Subject property did not always hold - corrected
  • File number label would display on Comparison Grid even when none of the comps had file numbers - corrected
  • Minor internal enhancements

Version 19.01.11 - released 9-2-2011

  • Added 3 new calculated fields for insertion in documents
    • Market Value Per Room
    • Market Value Per Unit
    • Market Value Per GBA
  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.10 - not officially released

  • Added 4 new calculated fields for insertion in documents
    • Land/Building Ratio based on Footprint
    • Land/Building Ratio based on GBA
    • Floor Area Ratio
    • Site Coverage %
  • The length of certain notes fields caused Property Datasheet to display incorrectly. Corrected.

Version 19.01.05 to 19.01.09 - not officially released

  • Added Year Built as a separate 20 character text field
  • When Close Program is selected, close may now be cancelled if a doc is open and has been modified
  • Map It tab now opens default browser. Previously, Internet Explorer was always used.
  • Minor internal changes

Version 19.01.04 - released 8/09/2011

Version 19.01.02 - released 8/01/2011

Version 18.01.19 - released 5/25/2011

  • When a new record was added, it sometimes was marked as locked - corrected

Version 18.01.18 - released 5/16/2011

  • Property Data - Comparison Grids
    • All 12 adjustment labels can now be changed by the user so that the order of adjustments can be specified as appropriate to each analysis
    • Quantitative grids are now presented with the descriptive comparison (Similar, Inferior, Superior) referring to the Comparable rather than to the Subject.
  • Images that contained commas were not appearing in the Image Wizard Strip - corrected
  • Minor internal enhancements
  • FREE Mapping Site enhancements - Subject and all Comparable labels are now moveable

Version 18.01.17 - released 5/02/2011

  • Improvements Tab in Data Entry View
    • Now auto-populates cost data when a new improvement is added, if cost data has been filled in for the previous improvement
    • Corrected cursor movement in Perimeter Multiplier and Perimeter Data fields
    • When more than one improvement is added, the fields Econmic Life and Effective Age always adopt the value of the first improvement
    • Default value textbox is no longer visible when the Field Wizard is displayed on the Improvements tab
  • Added additional safety checks to ensure that
    • documents in Narrative Builder are always in sync with the Subject Property in current view
    • adjustments made on the Grid tab are properly reflected in the calculations
    • Table of Contents in a document is properly updated when the user right clicks on the TOC and selects Update Field
  • Minor internal improvements

Version 18.01.16 - released 4/26/2011

  • Narrative Builder - If number of stories was a decimal number, if was rounded to the next highest integer. For example, 2.5 stories was inserted in the narrative as 3 stories - corrected

Version 18.01.15 - released 4/25/2011

  • Narrative Builder - Footnote spacing improved to enable easier entry of the footnote
  • Comp Grids - Improved the display of certain fields

Version 18.01.14 - released 4/18/2011

  • Converted the # of Stories field on the Property Data screen to a text field of 10 characters. For example, "1 and 2" or other variations can now be entered in the # of Stories field
  • The property description on the Property Datasheet was printing twice under certain circumstances - corrected
  • Enabled option to add a semi-colon to a Grid Comment to start a new line
  • Improved Lease Notes Display on the right side of the Rent Grid
  • When entering the Effective Rent under the Lease Terms tab, current record sometimes switched - corrected
  • Removed Auto-Proper Case for fields on the Property Data screen
  • Deed Book Label on the Property Datasheet corrected
  • Find button in Narrative Builder sometimes did not display when selected - corrected

Version 18.01.13 - released 3/21/2011

  • An unlimited number of photos/images can now be associated with each Property Record. The number is no longer limited to 12 per record.

Version 18.01.12 - released 3/18/2011

  • Photo was not displaying on the Improvements Detail page of Property Datasheet - corrected
  • Adjustment columns on certain grids were sometimes mis-aligned - corrected
  • Improved alignment of a photo when it is initially inserted into a narrative

Version 18.01.11 - Update released 3/11/2011

  • Additional intelligence implemented on the Grid screen to alert user when an adjustment is out of range and cannot be calculated.
  • Enhanced and expanded user help

Version 18.01.10 - Update released 3/09/2011

  • Rearranged columns on the Comparison Grid screen to improve readability and user interaction

Version 18.01.10 - released 3/07/2011

  • Increased number of comparables groups that can be associated with a Subject from 1 to 6 (CC Pro Only)
    • Each Comparables Group can have up to six comparable properties
    • Property Datasheets for each Comparables Group can be dynamically inserted into a narrative
    • Each Comparables Group can be mapped easily
  • Added new functionality and options to Comparison Analysis
    • More than 500 possible grid combinations now available
    • Text comments for each adjustment will appear on the Comparison Grid
    • Adjustments can be presented by percentage, dollar amount, or qualitative
    • Easily handle comparison of Improved Sales, Land Sales, Rent Comparables, Listing Comparables, and Tax Comparables
    • Different Adjustment labels for each of 4 grid types, including two Improved Property Types, Land, and Rent
    • Comparable Property image can be viewed and changed on the Comparison Grid screen
    • Finished "what you see is what you get" Grid can be viewed, printed, copied or converted to a PDF directly from the Comparison Grid screen
  • Added Perimeter Multiplier to Cost Calculations
  • Modified Cost Calculation to easily accommodate Functional and Economic depreciation
  • Added a Cash Equivalent Price field
  • Added a calculation to display Sale Price/Listing Price and DOM
  • Several internal modifications to enhance functionality and user interaction

Version 17.01.50 - released 12/21/10

  • Added precautionary measures to prevent the editing of calculated fields directly in a word processing document
  • Improved the functionality of the Sales Grid Tab
  • When performing a Land Only Comparison analysis, user can choose to adjust by square feet or acres.
  • Provided for international measures (square metres or hectares) in Land Only Comparison analysis. This is controlled by the Regional Settings in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Improved the Land Only Comparison Report by removing extraneous lines
  • When assembling a narrative, right side panel sometimes adjusted unexpectedly - corrected
  • Several internal modifications to enhance functionality

Version 17.01.49 - released 12/02/10

  • Commercial Complete now automatically checks for updates each time that it is started.
  • Display List Checkbox on the Property Data screen did not always hold when checked - corrected
  • When mapping site is called from Commercial Complete, it now always opens Internet Explorer to avoid the incompatibilites of other browsers.
  • Several internal modifications to enhance functionality

Version 17.01.48 - released 11/17/10

  • Enhanced the functionality of the Comparables buttons on the lower left side of the Property Data screen. The buttons are now functional on all Property Data views (Data Entry, List View, and Narrative Builder). Comparables can be selected, deselected, and re-ordered more quickly.
  • A Progress Bar is now displayed while a comparable is being selected or deselected
  • When the Selected Box of a record was checked, it also appeared checked for all users in a network environment. This feature has been modified so that each individual user can check and uncheck the Selected Boxes without affecting other users.
  • Scanning an image into the Image Wizard and then adding the scanned image to the Image Strip did not always function properly - this has been corrected
  • The option to save plain text files has been added

Version 17.01.47 - released 11/10/10

  • Added a Web Resources tab on the Property Data screen. Direct links to Internet Search, U.S. Census Bureau data, F.E.M.A Flood Maps, and USPAP Standards.
  • The display of Property Description and General Notes on a Property Datasheet can now be controlled with a checkbox in the Field Wizard.
  • The memo fields Property Description, General Notes, Area Description and Neighborhood Description can now be renamed to suit the user's preference.
  • Alignment certain tables within Narrative Builder was not functioning properly - corrected
  • Some calculated fields were not displaying in the Fields List - corrected
  • Report titles, when changed, did not hold - corrected
  • Minor internal performance changes

Version 17.01.46 - released 10/28/10

  • Added an option to enter a cap rate in the Indicated Value field of the Worksheet. Entries in this field that are less than 50 will now be interpreted by the software as a cap rate. A value will then be calculated, based upon stable net income and the cap rate entered, and placed in the Indicated Value field.
  • Minor display changes on the Property Data screen

Version 17.01.45 - released 10/27/10

  • Enabled the display of the Deed Type field and the Shape field on the Property Datasheet
  • Added the option to turn off the display of the Improvements Detail photo on the Property Datasheet
  • Added the Selected Box to the Record List on the right side of the Property Data screen
  • Improved the sizing of fonts in the Key Indicators box on the right side of the Property Data screen
  • Improved the sizing of fonts on the Reports Formatting window and added a checkbox to toggle the display of the Improvements Detail photo.
  • Enabled the display of Per Acre or Per. S.F. calculations in the Sales Comparison Grid window by moving the mouse over the field. This applies when performing a Sales Comparison analysis for Land Only. If the Subject is under 5 acres, the Per S.F. calculation will be displayed and the Per Acre calculation will be displayed when mouse is moved over this field. If the Subject is 5 acres or above, Per Acre calculation will be displayed and the Per S.F. calculation will be be displayed when mouse is moved over the field.

Version 17.01.44 - released 10/22/10

  • Improved the entry of dates in the Client window and Company window of Property Data
  • Lease Cashflows were sometimes improperly labeled on the Income Worksheet - corrected
  • When in Lease analysis mode on the Worksheet, a change in Income Growth Rate did not recalculate screen display properly - corrected
  • Added an additional option to calculate Fixed and Operating Reimbursements
  • Added new commands to the Import Wizard to import fields as PROPER CASE and to REVERSE the order of imported fields
  • Minor internal changes and display improvements

Version 17.01.43 - released 9/29/10, updated 9/30/10

  • Property Datasheets were not being displayed correctly when assembling a document - corrected
  • Correct image strip not always displayed when clicking on Manage Images button - corrected
  • Screen was arbitrarily resized when going from Income Screen to Property Data Screen - corrected
  • Minor internal changes and display improvements
  • Added check to insure that Deselect button always removes comp from a Comparison Analysis

Version 17.01.42 - released 9/20/10

  • Enabled the display of the description field of a building improvement on the Improvements page of the Property Datasheet
  • Disabled the display of an improvement on the Improvements page of a Property Datasheet if the improvement's name is blank or contains "Research" or "Map" or "No Print". This permits the attachment of additional images to each property record.
  • Minor internal changes

Version 17.01.41 - released 9/14/10, updated 9/15/10, updated 9/17/10

  • Added direct link to U.S. Census Bureau. Now get specific census data by property address
  • Image Wizard - Automatic indexing of Images when the Default Images Folder is selected from the Select Folder button dropdown
  • Minor font changes
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Minor modification to better recognize certain network configurations

Version 17.01.40, 17.01.39, 17.01,38 - released 9/05/10 to 9/13/10

  • General Notes, Property Description, Area Description and Neighborhood Description notes are now visible on the General Tab of the Data Entry View. 9 notes fields can now be viewed from the General tab
  • Significant performance improvements to all screen displays
  • Sales Grid - Exclude Land Box was not working properly - corrected
  • Improved coordination and functionality of buttons on the Property Data screen

Version 17.01.34 to 17.01.37 - released 8/03/10 to 9/02/10

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Redesign of Narrative Builder editor functionality
  • Added indexing of images to improve image display speed

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